BIF Emerging Technologies Committee Agenda
Chairman: Ronnie Green, Future Beef

The purpose of the Emerging Technologies Committee is to stay abreast of new and developing technologies that have potential to impact beef cattle genetic improvement. This year’s session will be lead by three panelists discussing ongoing industry research efforts in the genomics and DNA diagnostics area.

1. Ohio State University/Certified Angus Beef LLC Genomics Project.
The first portion of the agenda will be lead by Daral Jackwood of the Ohio State University. He will discuss the ongoing tenderness and marbling gene marker study he is leading in concert with Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB), Wooster, Ohio.

2. Nebraska Maintenance Efficiency Genomics Effort
Merlyn Nielsen of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln will then discuss the status of a large research project under his leadership where gene markers for metabolic efficiency are being screened.

3. NCBA Tenderness Marker Validation Study
The last portion of this information-packed session will be lead by Dan Moser, Kansas State University, who will give an overall update on the NCBA Tenderness Marker Validation study, now in its final stages of completion.

This will be an exciting committee session and all are welcome to attend.