BIF Whole-Herd Analysis Committee Agenda
Chairman: Robert Hough, Red Angus Association of American

The Whole Herd Analysis committee studies the impact of a systems approach to beef improvement. Topics discussed include whole-herd reporting and data quality, as well as measures of cow herd fertility, cow herd production and cow herd efficiency.

1. RAAA Reproductive Sire Summary
Lowell Gould of the Red Angus Association of America, Denton, Texas, will present an update on the RAAA Reproductive Sire Summary.

2. AICA Decision Support Tool
Robert Williams of the American International Charolais Association, Kansas City, Mo., will present an update on the AICA Decision Support Tool.

3. Data Quality Discussion
Keith Long, Bell Ranch, NM, will present the commercial producer’s perspective on the need for unbiased data. [A speaker to be announced] will present the academic perspective on the need for unbiased data. Bruce Golden, Colorado State University, will discuss data filters. And Mark Henry, Walter & Associates, Ames, Iowa, will discuss data quality management.

Robert Hough will present the wrap-up.