Beef Improvement Federation Research Symposium and Convention
Beef Improvement Federation Research Symposium and Convention
June 22-25, 2021 • Iowa Event Center • Des Moines, Iowa

Return on Engagement

Building a brand and establishing an effective social media presence covered at BIF Young Producer Symposium.

DES MOINES, Iowa (June 22, 2021) — There are a lot of buzzwords in the beef industry that we associate with return on investment and the process of reaping premiums in diversified marketing schemes. With the bottom line always on a breeder’s mind, traditional marketing schemes can be paired with online exposure to increase an operation’s return on investment.

Much like the brands that signify ownership, cattle outfits can adopt branding campaigns as a new sense of identity.

In her “Building a Brand” presentation at the 2021 Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Research Symposium & Convention, Rachel Cutrer said, “Building a brand is a lot like building a set of working pens. It’s going to take a lot of work.”

A seventh-generation Texas rancher and owner of Ranch House Designs, Cutrer said there are five major steps to developing an operation’s brand:

  1. 1. Have a brand worth talking about.
  2. 2. Target the group of people who actually care about your product.
  3. 3. Tell the story, and share the message that connects with your tribe.
  4. 4. Spread the word (advertise).
  5. 5. Show up — consistently, regularly, generously, frequently.

To begin the branding process, Cutrer said the operation’s end goals should be defined, and breeders should dictate if they are people-driven, product-driven or both.

“The seedstock business is really a people business,” Cutrer said. “You want to do business with people that you like.”

The six things that make people think favorably about a brand, Cutrer said, are the firm’s cattle, social responsibility, emotional appeal, workplace quality, financial performance, and vision and leadership. She said picture and video quality is of utmost importance, and successful, appealing content can be captured using a professional camera or personal cellphone camera.

“Building a brand is a lot like building a set of working pens. It’s going to take a lot of work.”

While the topic of marketing is usually connoted with creativity, Cutrer said it is very strategic. She stressed that building a brand based upon a future goal is imperative, and breeders should be precise and intentional from the start — no matter the scope of the firm or its marketing goals.

When advertising on social media, Cutrer advised breeders to utilize the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Frequently posting constructive content on these pages can help to boost a brand’s recognition.

“Social media really can make the world your stage,” she said.

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