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BIF Meeting Schedule

The following is the preliminary schedule for the 2006 Beef Improvement Federation Annual Meeting and Research Symposium at the Pearl River Resort in Choctaw, Miss. Please check back for updates periodically. Click on highlighted text for additional information.

Tuesday, April 18

10 a.m.

Beef Improvement Federation Golf Tournament, Dancing Rabbit Golf Club, Choctaw, Miss.

6 p.m.

Mississippi opening reception

7:30 p.m.

Ultrasound Guidelines Council (UGC) symposium:
Basics of Ultrasounding Beef Cattle for Genetic Improvement

• An introduction to the UGC
Loren Jackson, International Brangus Breeders Ass’n

• Barnsheets
Andy Meadows, Springwood Livestock Management Service, Buchanan, Va.

• Contemporary groups to expected progeny differences
Lisa Kriese-Anderson, Auburn University

• Application of ultrasound panel
Dan Moser, moderator, Kansas State University; Tommy Brown, Meadowlane Farms, Clanton, Ala.; Mark Gardiner, Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ashland, Kan.; Mark Cowan, Camp Cooley Ranch, Franklin, Texas

Wednesday, April 19

6:30 a.m.


7:30 a.m.

Spouses/family tour departs for Meridian, Miss.

8 a.m.

Welcome comments

8:15 a.m.

General session: Where Do I, as a Cow-Calf Producer, Fit in Retail and Consumer Targets?
Moderator: Tommy Brown, BIF Board, Clanton, Ala.

8:15 a.m.

Identifying the 21st Century Beef Consumer
Kevin Murphy, Vance Publishing Corp.

9 a.m.

How to Satisfy the 21st Century Beef Consumer
Paul Heinrich, Sysco Corp.

9:45 a.m.


10:30 a.m.

How Do I Satisfy the 21st Century Beef Consumer?

A cattle feeder’s perspective
 — Tom Brink, Five Rivers Ranch Cattle Feeding

A cattle marketer’s perspective
 — Jackie Moore, Joplin Regional Stockyards

11:15 a.m.

2005 National Beef Quality Audit Results

Brad Morgan, Oklahoma State University


BIF Recognition Lunch

2 p.m.

Committee meetings

Genetic Prediction Committee

• Genetic Resistance to Disease
Gary Snowder, USDA MARC

• Across-Breed EPD Update
Dale Van Vleck and Larry Cundiff, USDA MARC

• EPDs for Carcass Traits
Dan Moser, Kansas State University

Live Animal, Carcass and End Point Committee

• Scrotal Circumference in Bulls: Should We Adjust for Age or for Weight?
Janice Rumph, Montana State University

• Relationships Between Carcass Quality and Temperament in Beef Cattle
Rhonda Vann, Mississippi State University

• Effects of Two Measures of Disposition on Postweaning Gain of Beef Calves
Robert Weaber, University of Missouri

• Improving the Health and Healthfulness of Beef
James Reecy, Iowa State University

Producer Applications Committee

• How a QSA Program Works Under a Packer Umbrella
Darrell Busby, Iowa State University

• Calf-AID Process Verified Program
Kris Ringwall, North Dakota State University

• Applying Feed Intake Monitoring Systems into Producer Testing Programs
Daryl Strohbehn, Iowa State University

5:30 p.m.

Spouses/family tour arrives back at Pearl River Resort

6:30 p.m.

Southern-style supper and entertainment, Neshoba County Coliseum

Thursday, April 20

7 a.m.


8 a.m.

General session: Where Do I Fit with My Production Environment?
Moderator: Joe Roybal, BEEF Magazine

8 a.m.

Defining Feed Efficiency
Gordon Carstens, Texas A&M University

8:30 a.m.

Genetics of Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle
Denny Crews, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

9 a.m.

Development of Feed Efficiency Genetic Evaluation and Decision Support
Dorian Garrick, Colorado State University

9:30 a.m.


10 a.m.

Matching Beef Genetics with the Production Environment
Tom Jenkins, USDA MARC

10:45 a.m.

Heterosis: Ignored or Forgotten?
Dave Daley, California State University, Chico

11:30 a.m.

Annual meeting and director elections


BIF Awards Lunch

2 p.m.

Committee meetings

Cow Herd Efficiency and Adaptability Committee

• Evaluating Longevity: 10 Years of Using Stayability EPDs
Larry Keenan, Red Angus Association of America

• Experiences with Implementation of Stayability EPDs
Wade Shafer, American Simmental Association

• Alternative Definitions of Stayability
Brian Brigham, Colorado State University

Emerging Technology

• Validation of Gene Markers
Richard Quaas, Cornell, University

• Future Genomic Technology from DNA Companies
MMI Genomics Inc.

Selection Decisions Committee

• Marker-Assisted Selection
Allison Van Eenennaam, University of California, Davis

• Selection Indexes
Sally Northcutt, American Angus Association; Robert Williams, American International Charolais Association; and Wade Shafer, American Simmental Association

• Selection Decision Software
Dorian Garrick, Colorado State University


Supper on your own

Friday, April 21

7 a.m.

Buses depart for producer tour

8 a.m.

Stop 1: Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, Mississippi State, Miss.

11 a.m.

Stop 2: EE Ranches Inc., Winona, Miss.


4 p.m.

Stop 3: The Gaddis Farms, Bolton, Miss.

6 p.m.

Stop 4: Mississippi Ag Museum, Jackson, Miss.