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www.BIFconference.com is compiled by Angus Productions Inc., publisher of the Angus Journal, Angus Beef Bulletin, Angus Beef Bulletin EXTRA and Angus e-List, with cooperation and assistance of the Beef Improvement Federation. The site contains a mixture of copyrighted and noncopyrighted material. An editor's note at the bottom of each article specifies limitations, but the basic guidelines are as follows:

  • Award winner summaries are provided by BIF and are for distribution to the media.
  • We are posting the schedule, meeting information and proceedings with permission from BIF. Bob Weaber at the University of Missouri has compiled the proceedings. You may request reprint permission from him or BIF Executive Secretary Joe Cassady, North Carolina State University. We encourage you to also contact the presenter to request the presenter's reprint permission.
  • PowerPoints and supporting documents are posted with permission of the presenter, who would retain the copyright. Please request permission to reprint a presentation in its entirety or in part from the respective presenter. PowerPoint presentations may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express permission of the presenter.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the presentation summaries, audios and photo galleries provided on this site are compiled and posted by API staff and freelancers. API retains the copyright to this material. We are willing to offer you the opportunity to reprint articles if you adhere to our reprint guidelines:
    1. 1. The author must be credited.
    2. 2. The article must be reprinted in its entirety or changes submitted to API Editor Shauna Hermel for approval prior to publication.
    3. 3. Attribution must be presented at the end of the article to read: "This article is reprinted with permission from www.BIFconference.com, Angus Production Inc.'s online coverage site of the 2010 Beef Improvement Federation Annual Research Symposium and Annual Meeting." The attribution should be in 7-point type or larger, or conform to your standard style for an editor's note.<
    4. 4. We ask that you let us know which summaries you are reprinting and when they will be published. A tear sheet would be appreciated. Please send tear sheets to the attention of Shauna Rose Hermel, Editor, Angus Productions Inc., 3201 Frederick Blvd., Saint Joseph, MO 64506.
  • Audios may not be redistributed without the express permission of API.
  • Photo galleries may not be redistributed in whole or in part without the express permission of API. High-resolution photos from the photo galleries can be provided electronically or as a print for a fee. Contact the editor for details.

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Shauna Hermel, Editor, Angus Productions Inc.
3201 Frederick Ave., Saint Joseph, MO 64506
office: 816-383-5270; cell: 816-752-0089; fax: 816-233-6575

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