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Symposium Papers

Check back the evening of July 6 for the first postings of proceedings to the 2005 BIF annual meeting and research symposium. Synopses, PowerPoint presentations and additional information will be available on the Newsroom page.

Friday Proceedings

Cow Herd Efficiency Committee
Discussion in this committee meeting focuses on high altitude disease, evaluation of adaptability, and the role of cow efficiency in beef production.
Moderator: Mark Enns, Colorado State University

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Genetic Prediction Committee
Across-breed EPD updates, feed efficiency EPDs, genetic evaluation of embryo transfer (ET) animals, and using DNA parentage testing in genetic evaluation are topics of discussion in this committee.
Moderator: Larry Cundiff, USDA-ARS, Clay Center

Feed Efficiency EPD Proceeding Paper
Across-breed EPD updates Proceeding Paper

Making the Web Equal Profit: Surfing for Genetics
Dorian Garrick and Mark Enns, both of Colorado State University, explore the current and future role of the Internet in sire selection. Discussion includes the Web’s expanding role due to convenience, customized computation and decision support.
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The Total Package, An Example from the Dairy Industry: The Net Merit Index
Paul VanRaden, USDA-ARS, reviews the Net Merit Index used by dairy producers. He explains the index, the traits it measures and economic values associated with the selection tool.
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Multi-Breed Evaluation: Progress and Potential
John Pollak, Cornell University, discusses the models for multiple breed genetic evaluations and experiences gained in the application of such models.
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Thursday Proceedings

How Do We Get There? Bridging the Gap
Beef economist Vern Pierce, University of Missouri, explains three major opportunities, or principles, that will help a forward-thinking person or organization be at the forefront of an evolving beef industry. Click here for proceedings.

Introduction to Indexes
Bob Weaber, University of Missouri, describes the importance of selection indexes, how they work, and where they’re headed in the future.
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Making Bulls Equal Profit: Terminal Sire Indexes
Mike MacNeil, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS), reviews research conducted to develop economic breeding objectives for terminal sires and how commercial producers play a role in developing such objectives.
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Making Cows Equal Profit: The Maternal Productivity Index
AgCanada’s Denny Crews summarizes the development of a multiple trait maternal productivity index — such as the Canadian Hereford Association maternal productivity index (MPI) national cattle evaluation — and describes its implementation.
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Selection Decision Committee —
Participants explore adaptability and the consequences of extreme selection for productivity. A panel discussion reviews the potential and problems associated with developing genetic evaluation on adaptability.
Moderator: Darrh Bullock, University of Kentucky
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Wednesday Proceedings

NAAB biennial symposium: How to Get Cows Pregnant for the Purebred and Commercial Sectors of the Beef Industy

Cliff Lamb, at the North Central Research and Outreach Center, University of Minnesota—Grand Rapids, focuses on how to get cows pregnant using GnRH and CIDRs.
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David Patterson, at the University of Missouri—Columbia, presents new opportunities to synchronize estrus and ovulation, as well as facilitate fixed-time artificial insemination (AI).
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