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Archive of past events

BIF 2018, Loveland, Colorado

BIF 2017, Athens, Georgia

BIF 2016, Manhattan, Kansas

BIF 2015, Biloxi, Mississippi

BIF 2014, Lincoln, Nebraska

BIF 2013, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

BIF 2012, Houston, Texas

BIF 2011, Bozeman, Montana

BIF 2010, Columbia, Missouri

BIF 2009, Sacramento, California

BIF 2008, Calgary, Alta., Canada

BIF 2007, Fort Collins, Colorado

BIF 2006, Choctaw, Mississippi

BIF 2005, Billings, Montana

BIF 2004, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

BIF 2003, Lexington, Kentucky

BIF 2002, Omaha, Nebraska

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