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Symposium Papers
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Tuesday presentations, July 1
  Keeping the Genetic Doors “Open” Between Canada and the United States by John Pollak, director, National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (NBCEC), Cornell University
  Emerging Technologies in Genetic Improvement — Convergence of Quantitative and Molecular Tools by Mike Tess, Montana State University
  CBBC Purebred Risk Assessment Project by Herb McLane, executive vice president, CBBC Duncan Porteous, PBRA project manager
Wednesday presentations, July 2
  Trends in Value-Added Marketing Challenges & Similarities; Branded Product Focus on Animal Welfare by Gary Smith, Colorado State University
  Traceability in the Supply Chain by Julie Stitt, Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
  Integrated Producer Perspective by David Nichols, Nichols Farms
  Producer Perspective by Bern Kotelko, Highland Feeders
  Emerging Technologies/Producer Initiatives: Delivery to Consumers by Bob Church, University of Calgary
  • Frank Baker Scholarship Award — Devori W. Beckham
  • Frank Baker Scholarship Award — Kasey L. DeAtley
  Thursday presentations, July 3
  Collection and Application of Genetic Information from a Canadian Perspective by Bob Kemp, RAK Genetic Consulting Inc.
  New Trait Development by Mark Enns, Colorado State University
  Traditional & Marker Assisted Evaluation by Denny Crews, Research Scientist, Lethbridge Research Station
  Summary & Next Directions, Here is How It Works by John Pollak, NBCEC, Cornell University

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