2008 BIF Conference

TC Ranch Wins
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BIF Meets for Third Time in Canada

Feed Efficiency Now Part of IGENITY Profile

Bill Bowman Promoted to American Angus Association® Chief Operating Officer

2008 BIF Meeting Under Way (July 1, 2008, release)

API Provides Online Coverage of BIF Meeting
(June 30, 2008 release)

BIF Blog to Discuss DNA Marker Technology

A New Chapter For Accelerated Genetics Begins As Groskreutz Takes The Reigns As President And CEO (pdf file)
Monday, June 30
    • GrowSafe evening out and product demonstration
      Summary | Photo gallery
Tuesday, July 1
  •Igenity-hosted SNP Parentage Symposium
    Welcome & Introductions — Jim Gib
    Developing Accurate Parentage Markers for Cattle: From BSE Traceback to 50k SNP Chips — Gary Bennett, USDA, MARC
      Summary | Powerpoint | Audio
    UC-Davis Experience — Allison Van Eenennaam, UC-Davis
      Summary | Powerpoint | Audio
    Select Sires Experience — Chuck Sattler, Select Sires
      Summary | Powerpoint | Audio
    Gelbvieh Experience — Susan Willmon, American Gelbvieh Association
      Summary | Powerpoint | Audio
    ISAG and ICAR Position on SNP Parentage — Brent Woodward, Merial
      Summary | Powerpoint | Audio
    Q&A and Wrap-up — All Speakers
  • Keeping the Genetic Doors “Open” Between Canada and the United States by John Pollak, director, National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (NBCEC), Cornell University
      Summary | Proceedings | PowerPoint | Audio
  • Emerging Technologies in Genetic Improvement — Convergence of Quantitative and Molecular Tools by Mike Tess, Montana State University
      Summary | Proceedings | PowerPoint | Audio
  • CBBC Purebred Risk Assessment Project by Herb McLane, executive vice president, CBBC Duncan Porteous, PBRA project manager
      Summary | Proceedings | PowerPoint | Audio
Wednesday, July 2, general sessions
  • Trends in Value-Added Marketing Challenges & Similarities; Branded Product Focus on Animal Welfare by Gary Smith, Colorado State University
      Summary | Proceedings | Audio
  • Traceability in the Supply Chain by Julie Stitt, Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
      Summary | Proceedings | PowerPoint | Audio
  • Integrated Producer Perspective by David Nichols, Nichols Farms
      Summary | Proceedings | PowerPoint | Audio
  • Producer Perspective by Bern Kotelko, Highland Feeders
      Summary | Proceedings | PowerPoint | Audio
  • Informational Channels: Access to, Benefits from, Enhanced Data Protocols by Brad Wildeman, Poundmaker Feedlot
      Summary | PowerPoint | Audio
  • Emerging Technologies/Producer Initiatives: Delivery to Consumers by Bob Church, University of Calgary
      Summary | Proceedings | Audio
Wednesday, July 2, awards luncheon
  • Frank Baker Scholarship Award (click to awards page)
  • Continuing Service Award (click to awards page)
  Roy Wallace Memorial
  • Commercial Producer Award (click to awards page)
Wednesday, July 2, BIF committee meetings
  • Live Animal, Carcass and End Point; Chair: Robert Williams, American International Charolais Association
The Potential for Genetic Improvement of Cattle Health Presentation by Mark Enns, Colorado State University
PowerPoint | Summary | Audio
Current Status of the Ultrasound Guidelines Council Presentation by Janice Rumph, Michigan State University
| Summary | Audio
Should BIF Expand its Mission to Include Genetic/Phenotypic Evaluation of Commercial Cattle?
Presentation by Mark Thallman, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, Neb.

| Summary | Audio

  • Genetic Prediction; Chair: Mark Thallman, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
Strategic Planning for the BIF Organization
Presentation by Brian McCulloh
PowerPoint | Summary | Audio
How Whole Genome Selection May Affect NCE
Presentation by Dorian Garrick, Iowa State University
PowerPoint | Summary | Audio
Incorporation of DNA Tests Into a Genetic Evaluation Presentation by Stephen Kachman, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
PowerPoint | Summary | Audio
Across-Breed EPD Tables
Presentation by Larry Kuehn, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, Neb.
PowerPoint | Summary | Audio

  • Producer Application; Chairs: Bob Weaber (2008), University of Missouri; Jane Parrish (2009), Mississippi State University
Angus El
iminates, Adds EPDs, by Sally Northcutt, American Angus Association genetic research director
Summary | PowerPoint

GrowSafe RFID Yields Valuable Information
Presentation by Allison Sundstrum, GrowSafe Systems Ltd

Wednesday, July 2, evening event
  • Evening dinner event at the Palomino Room of Roundup Centre at Stampede Park Thursday, July 3, general sessions
Thursday, July 3, general sessions
  • Collaboration Between Canada and the United States — Financial, Data Flow, Analysis by Kent Anderson, North American Limousin Foundation
    Summary | PowerPoint | Audio
  • Collection and Application of Genetic Information from a Canadian Perspective by Bob Kemp, RAK Genetic Consulting Inc.
    Summary | Proceedings | PowerPoint | Audio
  • New Trait Development by Mark Enns, Colorado State University
    Summary | Proceedings | PowerPoint | Audio
  • Traditional & Marker Assisted Evaluation by Denny Crews, Research Scientist, Lethbridge Research Station
    Summary | Proceedings | PowerPoint | Audio
  • Summary & Next Directions, Here is How It Works by John Pollak, NBCEC, Cornell University
    Summary | Proceedings | PowerPoint | Audio
Thursday, July 3, awards luncheon
  • Pioneer Award (click to awards page)
  • Ambassador Award (click to awards page)
  • Seedstock Producer Award (click to awards page)
  • New Directors
  • President’s Address
  • Invitation to California in 2009
Thursday, July 3, BIF committee meetings
  • Cow Herd Efficiency and Adaptations; Chair: Mark Enns, Colorado State University
  • Selection Decisions; Chairs: Darrh Bullock (2008), University of Kentucky; Bob Weaber (2009), University of Missouri
  • Emerging Technologies; Chair: Bill Bowman, American Angus Association
    Integrating Molecular & Quantitative Information in National Cattle Evaluation, by Mike Tess (presenting), Montana State University, and Steve Kachman, University of Nebraska
        Summary | Audio
      Update on NBCEC Validation of Commercially Available Genomic Tests, by Dick Quaas, Cornell University
        Summary | PowerPoint | Audio
      Suggested Guidelines for Application of DNA Technologies in Selection, by Mike Tess, Montana State University
        Summary | Audio
      Update of the 2,000-Bull Project at USMARC, by Mark Thallman, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
        Summary | PowerPoint | Audio
      Whole Genome Selection: Projects and Validations, by John Pollak, Cornell University
        PowerPoint | Audio


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