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Award Winners

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Seedstock Producer of the Year

2013 Seedstock Producer Award Nominees

2013 Winner: Bradley 3 Ranch, Memphis, Texas | News release | I Am Angus video

Honor Roll of Past Winners and Nominees

Commercial Producer of the Year

2013 Commercial Producer Award Nominees

2013 Winner: Darnall Ranch, Harrisburg, Neb. | News release | I Am Angus video

Honor Roll of Past Winners and Nominees

2013 Pioneer Award recipients

Keith Bertrand, University of Georgia

Ignacy Misztal, University of Georgia

Glenn Selk, Oklahoma State University

Honor Roll of Past Winners

2013 Continuing Service Award recipients

Jerry Taylor, University of Missouri

• Lauren Hyde, American Simmental Association

Brian House, Select Sires

Jack Ward, American Hereford Association

Ben Eggers, Sydenstricker Genetics

Honor Roll of Past Winners

2013 Ambassador Award recipent

AJ Smith, Oklahoma Cowman magazine

Award Photo (4 MB jpg)

Honor Roll of Past Winners

2013 Frank Baker Memorial Scholarship Award

Heather Bradford

Essay: Genetics of Udder Quality in Beef Cattle

Erika Downey

Essay: Understanding the Genetic Mechanisms That Underlie Variation in Immune Response and Disease Susceptibility

Frank Baker Honor Roll

2013 Roy A. Wallace Scholarship Awards

Undergraduate: Tyler Schultz, Kansas State University
• Graduate: Loni Woolley, Texas Tech University

Roy A. Wallace Honor Roll

2012 Winners

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